Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Family Holiday Charity’s weekly lottery?

The Family Holiday Charity Weekly Lottery is a great way to support families around the UK.

You can have up to 20 chances per draw at £1 each, and you will receive your unique 6-digit lottery number for each chance.

Every Friday you will be entered into our draw where the winning number sequence is chosen at random using a Gambling Commission approved Random Number Generator.

If you win, prizes are issued and posted to the winner automatically, meaning that there is no need to claim.

What prizes can I win?

Every Friday, you could have the chance to win one of these amazing prizes:

  • 1st prize: £25,000 - if you match 6 digits.
  • 2nd prize: £1,000 - if you match 5 digits.
  • 3rd prize: £25 - if you match 4 digits.
  • 4th prize: 5 prize entries into the next week's draw - if you match 3 digits.

How old must I be to enter?

The minimum age to enter our weekly lottery is 18.

Can I choose my own game numbers?

No. Your unique lottery game numbers are chosen randomly and will be your numbers for the duration of your membership of our lottery. When you enter the lottery, you will be sent confirmation of your unique lottery game numbers in your welcome letter.

How will I know if I have won?

The draw takes place every Friday. Once it has taken place, winners are notified by post or email.

If you match 4 digits or more, you will be sent your winnings automatically, either directly into your bank (if playing by Direct Debit), or via a cheque sent in the post.

If you match 3 digits you will be sent an email to confirm your win and your temporary 5 prize entry lottery numbers for the following week's draw.

What are the odds of winning a prize?

The winning probabilities are summarised below:

Six Number Match (£25,000)

  • 1 in 1,000,000 chance

Five Number Match (£1,000)

  • 1 in 18,518 chance

Four Number Match (£25)

  • 1 in 823 chance

Three Number Match (5 additional entries into the next available draw)

  • 1 in 69 chance

Why is the price £4.34 per month when paying by Direct Debit?

Each chance in the lottery cost £4.34 a month. This is based on you paying £1 a week over a 52-week year.

Your Direct debit will be collected monthly. Some months will have five weeks and some months will have four. The additional £0.34p will build up credit to cover the months where there are five weeks.

How much will Family Holiday Charity receive from my £1 entry?

From each £1 lottery entry, Family Holiday Charity receives 50%.

18% is spent on prizes and the remaining 32% is used to cover the costs of administering the lottery.

How many entries can I have each week?

The maximum number of entries you can purchase per week is 20. (£20 per week).

Why am I sent to another website when making a payment?

When taking payments, we use a secure payments system provided by our External Lottery Manager. This ensures your details are taken in a safe and secure manner when you enter the lottery online.

Why is there a delay between registration and entry into the draw?

If you are setting up a Direct Debit to pay for your entries, we are legally required to provide you with a 10 day cooling off period to allow you to change your mind if you wish.

Once this 10 day period has passed, your Direct Debit will be deducted at the earliest date possible – this date will be outlined in your welcome letter.

What is responsible gambling?

Responsible gambling is a term that means staying in control of how much time and money is spent on gambling related activity and this is absolutely central to us when considering how we created and responsibly promote this fundraising opportunity.

Our lottery aims to encourage fair and open play and protect the young and the vulnerable. Some steps we have taken include limiting the ticket entries to only 20 a week, and only allowing people over 18 years old to participate.

If you are worried about your gambling or that of someone close to you, BeGambleAware is the UK's leading authority on the provision of support, advice and counselling to people affected by gambling problems. If you or someone you know needs help or advice call the National Gambling Helpline on 0808 8020 133 (lines open 24 hours a day) or visit

My question isn't answered here. Who can I contact for more information?

Please contact the Lottery Helpline on 0370 050 9240, lines open 9.00am - 5.00pm Monday to Friday, or email


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